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Submitted on
August 26, 2010



NEW Mini Commission Only At $2.34 or POINTS!!

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 26, 2010, 8:34 AM

Commission Status: Open.

M i n i  C o m m i s s i o n
* One character and plain background  £1.50 ($2.34 USD)
* For more than one character +£1 ($1.56 USD)
Chibi Mimi. by lizjowenAmy-chan. by lizjowenMimi. by lizjowen

O r d e r  F o r m
*Subject: Commission
* Your name & email address
* Payment method
* References and a detailed description of what you want
* Number of characters

P a y m e n t I n f o
I accept both paypal and postal orders. If you're paying via paypal I shall send my username to you once you've placed an order.

G u i d e l i n e s
* All commissions I do here are for personal and non commercial use.
* I might take a while to do your commission so pleasepleaseplease don't write any notes demanding of your commission, it'll make me feel sad ;___;
* I accept paypal, money and check orders. But if you are sending money/checks over I cannot hold responsibility if they are misplaced >_<
* All commissions will be submitted to DA
* I won't draw mecha, extreme blood and gore, battle/fighting scenes, loads and loads of buildings, difficult perspectives without any reference, offensive materials, animals.
* Please remember that you are sending money to the United Kingdom, England. If you want to see how much my prices are in a different currency please visit

1. -OPEN-

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isn't this too much for a chibi like this? I don't mean to offend you or anything, but trying to help. it is like 7,77 US dollars. of course you don't have to listen to me.
I know people who do great chibi commissions for 10 points. 10 points is 1/8 of 1 USD (because 1 USD = 80 points). and this one costs almost 8 usd. for 8 usd I can have a pack of new pencils a set of 24 or even 36 (depends of what kind). or but a lot of commissions from others.
I know everyone needs money but I think that setting prizes too high might attract less people, considering that MOST of people here usually have no money or only a little.
Looking at your commission page I see that a complete fullbody cg, when the character is detailed, you might take 40 gbp :wow: you know how much it is? that's more than 60 USD! Proffessional, really awesome artists here on DA take a siimlar amout, like :iconsash0: takes 70 USD for a fullbody and also :iconkaminary-san: takes 70 USD for a fullbody character. some better ones even take less!
I mean again, I'm not trying to offend you, but I hope you see what you mean. I know it's different to take in a different currency, but da's main currency is usd and you should create your prizes with usd (converting to your own currency if you wish) because like this, I peronally would prefer to commission others with similar artwork quality and get 3 or even 4 artworks. or if I wanted to get one like this, I would commission :iconsash0: or :iconkaminary-san: or someone else without thinking.
my currency isn't usd too, but I'm using it because it's simplier to comare with others. I don't take much, while I think my art is worth more. but if I took too much, noone would buy, because as said before people would prefer to get better arts for a similar prize. that's how it goes.
I hope I haven't offended you in any way. Sorry I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents. if you don't like this comment, feel free to hide it, I will understand. I only try to help. you might get more commissioners with lower prize, than none or only a few with such high prizes. ^^; of course I don't mean your art isn't worth. it surely is. but compare your art to the two deviants I said that would take similar amount of money. or any others. see what I mean? I hope so.
sorry for such a long comment, I had to.
:) good luck anyway
lizjowen Jul 27, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Aah sorry I didn't manage to write what I wanted to say, as I accidently pressed something whilst in the middle of writing it -_-
But yeah, how much should I charge people then? I look at my friends and they charge a similar price, and I thought it would be easier to set a price range for each one to show clients that there is a maximum peak that I would charge them. Not that I would charge them this, of course, it's just there to serve as a boundary. I've put up that journal for ages (nearly 8 months ago) and no one complained about it, so I just went along thinking that they were the right prices. So now I'm utterly clueless >_<
And I have to set it in GBP because I can only use my mum's paypal account, and she doesn't want to receive USD >_<
lizjowen Jul 27, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I see what you mean.. So what should I charge people then? The last commission I did someone offered me 12 for it, and that was rather simple. Where did I write that it would cost 40 to do a picture? I only remember putting a range and that it's the maximum price...
yes I know, so that's the maximum prize for the most detailed design. I think the range is a bit too wide. I know all designs may vary, and stuff. of course. I can understand, for example wings, weapons, detailed clothing etc will cost more. but the range shouldn't be wide for 30 GBP ^^; it should be a range of 5, maximum 10 GBP. at least that's my opinion. 12 BGP is a reasonable prize for a fullbody (however I wouldn't pay so much too, sorry. it's more than 18 USD and if I really wanted I could find anotehr artist that would amke for example two good pieces in a very similar prize). I know you want to make some money, but I'm not telling you to change the prize if you don't want to. maybe just change the range? to for example max 30? or 25? because the number 40, kinda discourages/ scares. I know the character would be VERY detailed for this prize, but people might be afraid you'd find their characters so detailed. huge numbers are like this, that they scare. I mean huge money amounts. some of them wouldn't probably even ask because they think it might be too much. think a bit similar to what the commissioner might think. sure, there is also the lowest range, but people will think that the chara should have to be 'empty' with almost nothing, no design, to pay the lowest prize.
I saw you already changed the chibi prize for 3,50. This one, to be honest, I think is much better. and much more real for people to pay for your cute chibi work :)
well again, don't change your prizes if you don't want to- of course it's your choice. I just told my opinion, as a potential commissioner (I have commissioned a few artists and I knwo what I mean) and also as a person who sells commissions, and knows many other artists that do so.
maybe search for other artists that sell commissions, look at their prizes and their art quality, try to compare them to yours and then redo the prize list? it's a good suggestion. it might help, if you want to :)
lizjowen Jul 27, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Ooh okay, I shall change it now to 25 as the maximum for the complete CG. Would that be better? Or is it too much still? It would include background, details etc... Is the price reasonable for that? ^_^
Also, are the other prices for Full Body, Waist Up, Headshot etc, okay? :)
Yeaah I did, because after I read your comment I thought that it was a bit expensive >_< And I've talked to my mum and she's allowing me to put everything in USD now, which is really really good :D
I think it sounds ok now :) yay ^^ that's good to hear. let me know if you want when you update the journal with prizes or something so I can take a look :)
lizjowen Jul 28, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm done! :D I looked at others and got their average range. Hope it's okay... ^_^ [link]
well adding a simple bg, like gradient and stuff would be ok :) I'll take a look
lizjowen Jul 28, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I've decided not to do a complete CG, as it would be too expensive... So I won't do backgrounds in my commissions ^_^ I'll link the journal to you once I've updated it :D
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